Gracias a Internet hemos dejado de depender de las imágenes y sonidos controlados por los medios de comunicación tradicionales. Hoy contamos con miles de fuentes audiovisuales que profundizan en todos los campos de nuestro interés, por lo que mantenerse desinformado ya no es culpa de la manipulación de los medios, hoy el ser ignorante es una decisión consciente.
En Amauta nos mantenemos buscando esas historias, documentales, entrevistas que profundizan en los temas que más nos deberían interesar.
Michael Albert – La Economía Participativa / PARECON

Domingo, 30 de octubre del 2011

Naomi Klein: Protesters Are Seeking Change in the Streets Because It Won’t Come From the Ballot Box

Martes, 11 de octubre del 2011

Among the thousands at last night’s Occupy Wall Street protest here in New York City was award-winning journalist and author Naomi Klein. She is the author of the bestselling book, “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.” She also wrote “No Logo,” a book that has become a cultural manifesto for critics of unfettered [...]

M15 Reflections: An Afternoon With David Marty In Puerta del Sol

Viernes, 23 de septiembre del 2011

TNS Video Exclusive: An overview of the May 15, 2011 (M15) Spanish uprising three months later, as well as general assessment, current condition, and things to come.

Norwegian Shooter Views Echo Xenophobia

Jueves, 28 de julio del 2011

Before the deadly attack in Norway that killed 76 people, suspect Anders Behring Breivik left a long trail of material meticulously outlining his political beliefs. His 1,500-page political manifesto titled, “A European Declaration of Independence,” seeks common cause with xenophobic right-wing groups around the world, particularly in the United States. It draws heavily on the [...]

Greece on the Brink

Viernes, 17 de junio del 2011

Will another bailout be the right prescription for Greece and the Eurozone? A 24-hour strike got under way in Greece on Wednesday as the government debated unpopular cutbacks. Thousands of people blockaded the parliament, trying to send a message that they will not stand for more hardship; but the government says more cutbacks are inevitable [...]

Eduardo Galeano habla sobre el movimiento 15M de España

Viernes, 27 de mayo del 2011

“No vale la pena vivir para ganar, vale la pena vivir para seguir tu conciencia”

La revolución sí será televisada – 20M en Madrid

Domingo, 22 de mayo del 2011

Concentración en Madrid el 20 de Mayo en Sol. Declaraciones de los asistentes.

Malalai Joya: A Dirty Game in Afghanistan

Martes, 10 de mayo del 2011

Osama bin Laden was the reason given for invading Afghanistan in 2001–but he was found in 2011 in Pakistan. Meanwhile, the Afghan people have dealt with ten years of occupation, and Malalai Joya has been speaking out against it for that long. Malalai joined Laura in studio before the death of [...]

Bin Laden Euphoria and Wild West Justice

Miércoles, 4 de mayo del 2011

Eric Margolis: Bringing bin Laden to justice would have meant a trial, not an assassination

The Evolution of Arab Revolutions

Jueves, 28 de abril del 2011

Why are countries such as Libya, Yemen, Syria and Bahrain facing bloody battles for change? The Arab Spring is in full bloom. Peaceful uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt sparked a democratic tide that has swept across the region. Young Arabs have taken to the streets in vast numbers, their disaffection for the dictators and [...]

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