Gracias a Internet hemos dejado de depender de las imágenes y sonidos controlados por los medios de comunicación tradicionales. Hoy contamos con miles de fuentes audiovisuales que profundizan en todos los campos de nuestro interés, por lo que mantenerse desinformado ya no es culpa de la manipulación de los medios, hoy el ser ignorante es una decisión consciente. En Amauta nos mantenemos buscando esas historias, documentales, entrevistas que profundizan en los temas que más nos deberían interesar.
Working through the US jobs crisis

Lunes, 12 de abril del 2010

Source: Al Jazeera English – Fault Lines by Avi Lewis To be unemployed in the US – to lose your identity as a consumer in an economy where 70 per cent of all activity is consumption – is in some way to inhabit another country. In fact, if you count all the unemployed, underemployed, and those who have [...]

Indonesian Forces Tapped by Obama for Renewed US Aid Implicated in New Assassinations

Miércoles, 24 de marzo del 2010

Source: Democracy Now! March 19, 2010 In a Democracy Now! exclusive, investigative journalist and activist Allan Nairn reveals US-backed Indonesian armed forces carried out a series of assassinations of civilian activists in late 2009. The news comes as the White House moves towards increasing aid to the Indonesian military and lifting a twelve-year ban on the training [...]

Besieged Gaza denied water

Lunes, 22 de marzo del 2010

Source: Al Jazeera English Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip has brought immense sufferings to Palestinians living in the coastal territory. The siege even impedes the supply of water, the most basic need for human survival. Now – 80 per cent of Gazans lack access to clean water. The head of Gaza’s water authority says he has plans and [...]

Día Internacional de la Mujer: Por los derechos de la mujer trabajadora

Lunes, 8 de marzo del 2010

Publicado en Amauta con permiso de Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados (ANEP) Fuente: ANEP Este 8 de marzo debe servir para hacer conciencia sobre los derechos laborales de las mujeres trabajadoras, las de una, dos, tres o más jornadas.

String of Election-Related Bombings Fuels US Talk of Delayed Iraq Withdrawal

Viernes, 5 de marzo del 2010

Source: Democracy Now! At least fourteen people have been killed and nearly sixty wounded in a string of attacks in Baghdad on the first day of voting in Iraq’s parliamentary elections. Iraq opened its polls on Thursday for early voting, including for hundreds of thousands of soldiers, police officers and prisoners. We speak to Nir Rosen, [...]

Marja and the drug war

Miércoles, 3 de marzo del 2010

Source: Real News Network March 2, 2010 US picks its drug lords as Pashtun tribe prepares to battle for control of poppy fields.

Greek workers refuse to pay for crisis

Martes, 2 de marzo del 2010

Source: Real News Network March 2, 2010 Lines being drawn in first of many debt crises set to sweep across the globe Tens of thousands of Greek workers have taken to the streets to protest the first of a series of budget cuts. The cuts come as the European Union pressures the Greek government to slash its massive [...]

Terremoto en Chile

Domingo, 28 de febrero del 2010

A magnitude 8.8 earthquake struck Chile on Saturday, toppling homes, collapsing bridges and plunging trucks into the fractured earth. The head of the emergency agency believes the death toll is at least 300 and likely to rise.

West Bank village under threat

Miércoles, 24 de febrero del 2010

Source: Al Jazeera English February 22, 2010 An Israeli court will soon decide on the demolition order of Khan al-Ahmar – a Palestinian village in the occupied West Bank – so that Israeli homes can be built in its place. Regavim, a rightist settler group, is lobbying for the move, which would make about about 100 families homeless. Israeli [...]

Romper la Ley: Ejemplo del gobierno de los Arias

Martes, 23 de febrero del 2010

Publicado en Amauta con permiso de la Asociación Nacional de Empleados Públicos y Privados (ANEP) 22 de febrero, 2010 En un acto sin precedentes de violación a las leyes y al ordenamiento jurídico costarricense, el gobierno de los Arias en forma dictarorial impone una “junta directiva” sindical para poder comprarla y privatizar los muelles de Moín y [...]

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