Gracias a Internet hemos dejado de depender de las imágenes y sonidos controlados por los medios de comunicación tradicionales. Hoy contamos con miles de fuentes audiovisuales que profundizan en todos los campos de nuestro interés, por lo que mantenerse desinformado ya no es culpa de la manipulación de los medios, hoy el ser ignorante es una decisión consciente. En Amauta nos mantenemos buscando esas historias, documentales, entrevistas que profundizan en los temas que más nos deberían interesar.

Jueves, 4 de octubre del 2012

With 46 million people living in poverty, why are the presidential candidates so quiet on issues affecting the poor? Despite persistent poverty across the US, President Barack Obama, and his republican challenger, Mitt Romney, rarely mention the country’s most vulnerable. Why are the poor being ignored?


Viernes, 7 de septiembre del 2012

“Human Rights Watch said it has uncovered evidence of a wider use of waterboarding than previously acknowledged by the CIA, in a report Thursday detailing brutal treatment of detainees at U.S.-run lockups abroad after the 9/11 attacks. The accounts by two former Libyan detainees who said they underwent simulated drowning emerge only days after the [...]


Martes, 19 de junio del 2012

Jihan Hafiz reports thousands of Egyptians hit the streets rejecting the disbanding of Parliament, as the Egyptian military is moving towards full dictatorship


Martes, 22 de mayo del 2012

Thousands of police flood downtown Chicago

Public Education a National Security Threat?

Lunes, 23 de abril del 2012

Advocates question calls for increasing testing and privatization in the name of national defense.


Sábado, 21 de abril del 2012

Via The Washington Post: “The CIA is seeking authority to expand its covert drone campaign in Yemen by launching strikes against terrorism suspects even when it does not know the identities of those who could be killed, U.S. officials said. Securing permission to use these “signature strikes” would allow the agency to hit targets based [...]


Viernes, 20 de abril del 2012

Listening Post puts social media in Syria under the spotlight and asks who and how much to trust.

CrossTalk: Syria Agony

Martes, 28 de febrero del 2012

Is Syria slipping into a civil war? Can the international community do something to end the violence without forcing a regime change? The US happens to be on the same side with Al Qaeda in the conflict, does it mean resorting to all means in order to protect civilians? Or does it mean empowering Al [...]

Movement to Occupy Vacant Houses Spreads

Viernes, 13 de enero del 2012

Bronx activists supported by Occupy Wall Street enter second month of occupation

Has Egypt’s Revolution Been Aborted?

Miércoles, 21 de diciembre del 2011

  As Egypt’s army continues to clash with protesters, we debate the status of the promised transition to civilian rule. Egypt’s military police have clashed with demonstrators in Cairo in a third day of violence. It began on Friday when one of several hundred peaceful protesters, staging a sit-in outside the cabinet building, was reportedly detained and beaten [...]

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