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Carlos Arredondo nos relata su historia
Hablando con la gente

Viernes, 11 de noviembre del 2011

Carlos Arredondo, inmigrante indocumentado tico, afectado por la crisis económica en Estados Unidos, ocupante de Occupy Boston, padre de un soldado de la guerra de Irak muerto en batalla, nos relata su historia.      

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‘They Kill Alex’

Lunes, 6 de septiembre del 2010

Carlos Arredondo, a native Costa Rican, began to collect items that memorialized his son's life, a Marine killed in Iraq in 2004. He tacked them to his truck. He has traveled throughout the country presenting to the public a visual expression of death and grief. He has placed some of his son's favorite childhood toys and belongings in the coffin. The power of his images, which force onlookers to confront the fact that the essence of war is death, has angered some who prefer to keep war sanitized and wrapped in the patriotic slogans of glory, honor and heroism. "This is what happens every week to some family in America," says Carlos. "This is what war does. And this is the grief and pain the government does not want people to see."

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