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Stepping Up to the Age of Empathy

Lunes, 1 de marzo del 2010

Article published in Amauta with permission from the author ‘Empathic Civilization’: When Both Faith And Reason Fail by Jeremy Rifkin While our radio talk shows and 24-hour cable TV news programs incessantly play off the political rift between conservative and liberal ideologies, the deeper conflict in America has always been the cultural divide between faith versus reason. At the [...]

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Terrorist Facebook’ – the New Weapon Against al-Qa’ida

Miércoles, 19 de agosto del 2009

ver también Resistir nuestra seguridad: los ojos de vidrio versión en español abajo Social networking is not just for the MySpace generation. Intelligence agencies are adopting a controversial new technique to identify terrorist masterminds by Steve Connor August 19, 2009 Intelligence agencies are building up a Facebook-style databank of international terrorists in order to sift through it with complex computer [...]

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