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War Crimes and the Mythology of ‘Bad Apples’

Sábado, 24 de marzo del 2012

So it turns out that mass-murder suspect Robert Bales once used a bad word in a Facebook conversation. This is one of the more bizarre details of his life that has come breathlessly to light in the media, along with his big smile, arrest record and disastrous financial dealings. The word was “hadji” (misspelled “hagi”), which [...]

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Murder Is Not an Anomaly in War

Lunes, 19 de marzo del 2012

The war in Afghanistan—where the enemy is elusive and rarely seen, where the cultural and linguistic disconnect makes every trip outside the wire a visit to hostile territory, where it is clear that you are losing despite the vast industrial killing machine at your disposal—feeds the culture of atrocity. The fear and stress, the anger [...]

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Viernes, 12 de febrero del 2016
  La polémica causada por la aplicación Uber, nos ha demostrado la frustración que sienten los costarricenses para con el servicio tradicional de taxis y para con el servicio público...
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